Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business

Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business

Marketing online has different formats you can choose from. Trying to spread your marketing across them all can be costly, time-consuming, and negatively impact your small business. Many small business owners do not have a background in online marketing, so it is far more responsible for entrepreneurship to choose one and master it before moving on to the next. With this ultimate guide, we will teach you how to get started with online marketing and how to choose the right marketing strategy for your business.

Learn How to Use Facebook Ads

Go on Facebook and create an ad. It can be about anything and only run for one day, but there is nothing better than learning by doing. If you have a business account on Facebook this is even better as you will have more tools to utilize. The advert doesn’t have to be to sell anything or run an important competition. Just use it as a way to advertise the fact your business exists.

Once you have run the ad take a look at the analytics. Here you can view some awesome information like the number of interactions you had with your ad. You can view how many people clicked on your ad and went to your page. You can check who clicked it, their gender and age. Learning how this works is a major step towards understanding targeted advertising online in any format.

Run a Test Ad on Google

In the same way as your Facebook ad, you should now check out Google Ads. They have a lot of support for small businesses and are pushing their services at the moment with many people available to assist you with inquiries.

They have a handy sliding scale where you can set a budget cap. Once you select it you can get in touch with their team and see what they can offer you for that price. 

You might find that you can get a great short-term deal to try them out and see how many sales you make within that time.

Don’t sign up to anything mega at this point. Tell them that you have yet for formulate a marketing plan and are testing the waters to see how worthwhile a long-term investment would be. Be prepared to give them links to your pages and websites so that they can see you are serious.

Formulate a Budget and a Small Marketing Plan

This is when you understand enough about marketing to formulate your budget and marketing plan. This does not need to be huge or complicated. It certainly will change once you see the analytics of any marketing you produce.


  • Your Target Audience

Who are they? What age range? Is location important for postage?

  • Your Platforms

Which platform is best to appear on related to your audience demographic (usually age related).

  • Your Brand Identity

What is your brand? Do you have a logo? Do you have a findable name?

  • Your Marketing Platform

Does it link to your website and social pages? How much will it cost?

  • What Do You Want to Achieve?

If your marketing is to advertise a product or perhaps to bring more people to your site. Consider precisely what you want out of it.

  • Your Content

Are you active on your blog/socials? Do you have a pool of content? Do you have relevant hashtags? What content will you create for your advert to bring in the most customers?

Run a Small Ad Campaign using Your Chosen Marketing Method

Set a realistic budget with realistic goals. Do not enter into any substantial marketing campaigns at this point or any contracts. It would be best if you were free to adapt and change your marketing style in case a specific platform or part of your branding doesn’t work. It is possible that you will have to alter something so keep your options open but give it a go.

After this, you will have a good idea of how to market your business in the correct way. If something isn’t working, the ad itself or the platform you are using then go back and reevaluate. You can increase your budget as you go and make more sales. Ensure you are only spending what you can afford on advertising. It is still a gamble and you should see it in that way. Do not spend more than you have on your advertising.

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