How to Increase Concentration Power? | 5 Proven Scientific Techniques

Actually, what do you mean by concentration? What is the role of concentration in life? & How we can increase the concentration power?

Let’s begin….

How to Increase Concentration Power

Concentration is a frequent word in our day to day life. Concentrate on your studies, concentrating while eating or doing a single thing, etc.

What is Concentration?

If we want to achieve something in life, the first thing we need to do is to concentrate consciously about what we are doing.

So, the concentration means the action or power of focusing all one’s attention or focusing on a single thing at a time without any distraction.

How do we get distracted?

Increasing concentration power in today’s day and age is a great task to achieve not only for students but also for full-grown adults because of the number of distractions around us.

how do we get distracted

In order to focus on a given task, one must be completely away from the things that distract them the most.

The things by which a person can get distracted nowadays are innumerous like TVs, Smartphones, video games, or even the people around them.

Along with this, a person can get distracted by their own thoughts as many people usually tend to daydream while performing their tasks and end up losing a great amount of time in this process.

There are numerous ways in which a person can increase his/her concentration power.

Role Of Concentration in One’s Life

Man is a wonderful creature, but he must be trained and develop to be useful.

In order to accomplish anything, you just have to concentrate on your entire thought upon your idea of what you are doing.

If you have the high skill to concentrate on each and everything, then anything is possible.

You can control your life, you can understand what is important to you, and can also realize what should be neglected.

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Key Points to Remember while Concentrating

When a person is about to start working on something he must completely be free of things that are distractive.

We must have it clear in our minds that if we complete our tasks with complete concentration not only would we be able to finish it on time but also make it productive which helps in the long run to achieve your goals.

One must have a clear mindset about achieving their goals before starting their work as it helps to keep them focused while doing their tasks every day without getting carried away by the pressure of their work.

The person must not have anything around him that is not related to his work and must sit in an environment where there are no distractive noises like vehicles, construction, and kids playing around which can hinder the concentration during your work.

This can be overcome by putting on headphones and listening to soft music that cancels these sounds but one must make sure to not get distracted by the music itself, so going for subtle music without vocals is the best option.

Challenge yourself before commencing a work…

Before starting your work keep in mind that the work you are about to do is a task performed by several humans around the world like you every day.

Rather than thinking that the task is a backbreaking job which in itself makes you less interested in doing it, and if the task you are doing seems too easy or too repetitive for you, then you can get distracted easily by every other thing around you, if this is the kind of problem you deal with, then try to do the task in more creative ways than you are used to which would help you keep entertained by your own work.

Along with this, the place where you are about to work and the work itself must be hassle-free.

In order to achieve hassle-free work, utmost importance must be given to the tidiness of your work, if you are writing or reading something, make sure the pages are maintained neatly and you are using your best handwriting to complete it.

So that you do not get uninterested in your work looking at the untidy handwriting, and if you are working on a computer, then make sure that the screen looks presentable to your own eyes.

How to Increase Concentration Power?

By practicing the way of concentration everyone can achieve the power of concentration.

“Practice makes a man perfect “.

Our brain will do what we have trained. By simply saying ‘concentrate on everything’ is not enough.

If you’re studying for 30 minutes, try to involve almost 30 min in it.

For the first 3 days, it will be hard to tie your distractions within you but after one or two weeks you can feel the changes happening to you.

Nowadays, concentration is mostly distracted by the usage of mobile phones. High involvement in social media, online games are the reasons.

We are forgetting about what we have to do, or we are not being able to focus on what we are just doing.

Our brain tries to distract from what we have to concentrate on and focuses on what we not have to.

The first thing you just have to do is to deviate from distractions in all aspects, while you’re watching television you just enjoy it, while you’re playing with children try to Involve with them wholly.

Do these simple tricks for more than 1 or 2 weeks, definitely, there will be changes…

1. Dive into Meditation

Doing meditation is good but there will be no value if you meditate for 1 hour and distract for the other 9 hours.

While doing meditation, you’re training your mind to concentrate on your breathing.

Dive into Meditation

Meditation is the easiest way to increase concentration power and the best part is that everyone can give it a try.

We just want to sit comfortably and focus on our normal breathing with our eyes closed.

As a result, we can focus on the present.

This activity can help freshen up your mind, as your blood is supplied with more oxygen which in turn increase your concentration power.

2. Eliminate your Cell Phone

The best way to stay away from your phone is to delete social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and Instagram until you are completely finished with your work for the day or to just turn off the notifications until you are completely done with your work.

You can ask your friends at work or parents at home to help you by making sure that you do not get distracted, and complete the given work on time with complete focus.

You can also tell your friends to call you instead of texting if they have any important work.

Try to keep your phone in a place where it is not visible to your eyes such as inside a drawer or your bag.

If you have a habit of daydreaming while at work, then try to put up an eye-catching note in front of you that would motivate you to complete your work, and help in stopping you from getting lost in thoughts whenever you look at it.

3. Healthy Sleep is an Admiring Treat

It is important to have a good night’s sleep before you get committed to your work as lack of sleep can reduce the efficiency of your work and also cause irritation while you are working making you yawn continuously and causing headaches.

Healthy Sleep

Try keeping yourself as calm as possible and avoid talking to people or watching late-night shows that would keep you up at night before going to bed.

It is also important to have a good meal before working so that you do not get distracted by the urge to eat while completing your task, but also make sure that you do not eat too much which can also make you feel sleepy, cause stomach ache or irritation.

“Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

4. Have a Fruitful Diet

One must also keep in mind to have healthy food rather than fast food.

We must stay away from food products that induce sleepiness such as chocolates or bananas and must instead prefer tea or coffee that can help you stay focused if one is feeling sleepy during the work.

Make sure that you are hydrated and have a water bottle around you, so you do not have to get up every time leaving your work to quench your thirst.

Do not drink so much that you would have to get up from your workplace to use the restroom several times.

One important factor is the kind of weather and clothes that you work in.

The clothes that you wear must be comfortable and also help in maintaining the ambient temperature required for your body with respect to the surroundings so that you neither get too sweaty nor too cold.

Do not shy away from seeking medical help for your mind and body if you suffer from any kind of illness, as mental wellness is as important as physical wellness.

5. Reward with Stress Relieving Technique

You can allow a period of time during the day after you have completed your work to spend time with your friends and family.

Do things that make you feel better and treat this time as a reward for all the hard work you have done for the day.

You can also reward yourself at work by focusing on your work completely for a time period of 45 minutes and then giving yourself a break of 15 minutes in a one hour block during which you can do things that can relax your mind.

Since you cannot work continuously for long periods of time without stressing your brain and body, but make sure you do not do tasks that would distract your mind during your work such as playing games that are addictive.

Addictive games reduce your concentration & make you think about how you could play the game in better ways or having an important conversation with someone who would remain unfinished.

Instead, have a good walk around the workplace and have a light-hearted conversation with people around you.

Keep In Mind…!!

It is important that you are not too hard on yourself in order to complete the task.

The work you are about to complete must be taken as a challenge.

One must have fun while completing their tasks and not consider it as a burden but also remember that the work you are doing must not be rushed through by doing shallow work.

It must be given utmost importance over any other thing in your life at the time of completing your task.

One must not be demotivated by their own performance as practice along with mistakes makes us better.

Neither should be too proud of our work as this makes us ignorant of our tasks.

We must also not compare ourselves to others and feel degraded as every human has a different capacity from others.

We must keep in mind our capacity while doing our task and try to make ourselves better than we already were.

A person’s only competition should be with the person himself. This is the key strategy that would really help you keep focused.

People that consider their jobs as fun and strive to become a better version of themselves are the ones that are really productive and focused on completing their tasks and becoming successful in life.

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