How to Grow YouTube Channel from 0 to 10K with Small Trick for FREE!!

How to grow a YouTube channel is one of the most eye charming questions for every digital marketer or blogger to build their brand and skyrocket their earning.

Here, I will share all the strategies, tricks, and information that would help you to boom your YouTube channel.

So Bug-Up, and do read the full context as you will get some out of the interesting tricks in between…

How to Grow YouTube Channel

YouTube is a kind of platform which attracts almost every group of people according to their needs and interests.

It’s basically google but just practically.

YouTube welcomes everyone to not only watch but also someone who wants to be seen.

It’s a brilliant platform to be creative and earn a living out of it, if done with proper strategy and planning.

Step 1 : Target the Audience

There is a large number of audiences hence a large number of varieties to go through.

I think what one needs to do if wanting to start in the field is to find their core idea and their target audience.

Strategy for Fashion or LifeStyle YouTuber

If you possess great dressing and fashion sense, you know your major consumer for the content is young people.

Start with that idea…

To understand this better I really look forward to one of the most successful YouTuber and content creators KOMAL PANDEY.

She’s a fashion and daily lifestyle YouTube, blogger with almost 9.50 lakh followers.

If you look at her work closely you would notice that her content includes day-to-day solutions to fashion-related problems, which means her target audience is youth i.e. young college and office-going people etc.

The next thing one must do is to start basic…

Don’t jump to what you want people to see, first give them the idea and purpose of your channel.

It is important for people to understand your idea since they are the ones consuming it.

Don’t expect and run towards the money factor from the beginning only, it’ll deface your whole purpose and idea.

One should be true to their content and create a posting pattern meaning to build a schedule of shooting and posting a video.

Step 2 : Develop Video Posting Pattern

It is one of the most important asset to grow your YouTube channel and maintain the consistency of the subscribers.

For instance, one can choose a day of the week say Tuesday, and should always post videos on Tuesdays.

In the beginning, one should have a good amount of pre-recorded content and should post it religiously to grow their reach.

In these aspects, I think that Quirky Miss a.k.a. Aditi Shrestha is a perfect example. She’s now at over 5 lakh subscribers.

Even she started small and from scratch. One thing that really worked for her was staying consistent, she posts two times a week on fixed days (Tuesday and Friday).

Financial Outlook for Beginner

Since most of the beginners do not have a good financial budget, it is always okay to start with whatever they contain.

A proper budget should be constructed so that it is easy to keep up until any income starts from YouTube.

If you are short on money, personally what I think one should not rely solely on YouTube for income purposes during the initial days.

It’s basically a kind of business, you need some kind of token money or/and resources to start.

One should stay true to their content and should not give up if the views and reach are not plenty.

Being consistent is always needful and important in this field.

Step 3 : Build Up Social Media Branding

Another thing that one must do is promote their channel on different social media platforms.

Social Media Branding

For instance, Instagram is becoming the major viewers’ magnet.

Since almost everybody or you could say a large portion of viewers is on Instagram.

If advertised and promoted sensibly one can really attract a good number of viewers.

Not only subscribers but nowadays various brands are also engaging with the creators through social media.

As it is knowingly said by Kunal Shah: “Focus on getting the number of experiences in the year than the number of years of experience.”

Once the reach begins to build up, start experimenting with your ideas. Something different is welcomed if executed wisely.

Even if you stick to your field, experiment within it like The Boho Girl a.k.a. Kritika Khurana.

I admire her because she not only posts about her field which lifestyle blogging, but she also makes podcasts and her real-life vlogs.

It gives a change to her viewers from her regular content and since the execution is superb it is accepted with open arms.

Step 4 : Collaborate to Boost Engagement

Another thing that helps to grow the YouTube channel is collaborations.

Collaborations not only with brands but also with other YouTube content creators.

YouTube Collaboration

It helps to grow the reach as the viewers from both the channels will get to know the other creator and hence boosts the reach as well as the engagement.

These days most of the creators believe in sharing and growing, so it might work wonders.

Step 5 : Create an Appealing Content

As it’s an old saying that the first impression goes a long way. Well, this might actually be true on YouTube.

Keep your content engaging and interesting from the beginning only. One doesn’t want to stop and move on from the video halfway through.

Keep it intriguing and stick to the topic of the video. Basically, don’t lose the soul of the video.

What happens sometimes is that some creators lose their motto halfway and get off track, not everybody is watching your video for entertainment purposes but some of them are actually there for the sole motto which has been pre-described.

Step 6 : Convert your Originality into Trend

Always keep up with the trends but don’t lose the originality. YouTube is a pool of millions of minds and hence millions of trends, but not all trends get followed.

Keep up with the famous trends, but stick to your field and be original. I know this might look confusing in writing but it’s a proven thing on YouTube.

Okay, don’t only follow but once they reach start building up, try creating your own trends and challenges.

bottle flip challenge

Amazing Challenge that Came Into Trend by Experimenting

For instance, we all are well aware of the bottle flip challenge, this was a kind of trend that gained popularity not only nationally but all over the world.

It was in a viral video of a teenager, Michael Senatore flipping a water bottle in 2016.

Again, don’t be afraid to experiment on YouTube, and don’t get disheartened if it doesn’t take off. Keep going, one never knows what eye you catch.

Now I’ll take up some of the google search results when I search “how to grow YouTube channel”, some of the beneficial and unique techniques there include To build your videos around a single keyword;

What I understand by this is exactly what I explained before i.e. stick to your topic of the video and don’t lose the motto of its hallway through only.

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