How to Choose a Career? | Best Strategy to Achieve your GOAL

Nowadays how to choose a career has become a cliche. With the increase in competition and lack of opportunities, it has become daunting to contemplate about the best career.

how to choose career

Most of us get influenced by seeing others in every aspect specially in the case of a career.

Even our parents ask their children to opt for the same job as their neighbors and relatives’ children are doing.

In this environment where most of the youths and even youngsters are unemployed, children get confused and worried about their career, and that finally led them into a depression state.

Biggest Mistake Often Made While Choosing a Career

The biggest conspiracy that most students usually adore is that choosing the right career makes you successful in your life.

But most often, it doesn’t happen as you think.

Many people fail in making a correct decision and hence they are not fixed to one thing.

Many people choose careers like Engineering, Doctor, Police, Manager, Software development, etc.

The process of selecting a career starts at an early age.

And many students don’t even identify their goals therefore blindly choose a career.

After the high school student chooses a stream he/she is interested in, as after higher, secondary, or college they select a field to work upon.

It’s a very long and slow process. Selecting a career isn’t a tough task.

Here are some basic steps to follow and in the end you surely get a career for yourself.

Selecting a career is a process and requires faith and patience.

Now before starting, here are some important points that you have to keep in mind…..

  • Don’t let yourself to be driven by dread and nervousness
  • Don’t compare yourself with others
  • Always remember you are unique and have your own special task

Strategy for Self-Assessment

Figure Out Your Strength & Weakness

For these pen down the answer to some question: – What people tell you, you are good at?; It may be learning, teaching, playing, interacting with people, dealing with financial problems, or many more.

What do people ask you to teach them?; Some are good at cooking, handling people, managing events, designing dresses, and so on.

What are you willing to do for long hours?; Sometimes people get influenced by some work but after doing it for long they feel bored. Continuing it for long they fell depressed and start treating the work a burden.

So not getting trapped in this situation you have to decide well, that what work you have decided will puff you up.

Are you an extrovert or creative? There are various job options with respect to your behavior and type.

For extrovert best-suited jobs are Doctors, Police Officers, HR Manager, Teachers, and Sales Person.

And for creative people, the best job options are UI/UX Designer, Architect, Film Maker, Special Effects Creator, and Makeup Artist.

Go with the Flow of your DREAM!!

Many people begin their research career with great packages and try selecting that career and follow the professionals of the specific field.

Some try following their friends and going with the crowd.

The first step is self-assessment.

You have to ask yourself, what you want to do? Identify your goals.

Things you are passionate about. Will it be beneficial in the future? The lifestyle you want to achieve. Selecting things you are passionate about is the best way to choose a career.

For example, a person loves traveling, chooses a job where he/she needs to travel to places or sites.

Similarly, if someone likes gaming and is familiar with the technology decided to become a game developer.

Ask yourself what skills do you have and need to be developed. Planning is the key to a successful career.

You have to think of the next five years’ plans: where would you stand in life, A successful engineer, doctor, etc.

If you are a student, plan which field you are interested in. Convert your passion into goals.

Self-assessment and Planning is the most prior thing to choose your career. As it is going to decide your future.

There is a small task for self-assessment. If you are confused about what to start with, make a list for the things you like, dislike weakness, strengths, fear, and hobbies.

Effective Ways to Choose a Right Career

1. Research the Industry

After Self Assessment, Research is the most important part.

Without research, if you decide there are chances you don’t succeed even though you are following your passion.

You need to search for different career options in a field you want. As there are various opportunities available.

Make a list of it and shortlist options you disagree with. The research must be based on your interest in the field.

The income or package is available there. Will it be beneficial in the future? Does it have a scope? Which places are available is a good opportunity for yourself. Do you want to have social interaction?

Some people shy away from interacting with co-workers and clients and prefer behind-the-scenes work where they don’t have to deal with complicated workplace dynamics.

Being aware of your social needs is critical when it comes to choosing the right career.

Research for the average hours you have worked in a day. The financial aid provided. Development in the future. The education you need to achieve and many more things you must know about.

Competition in the field is also important. You can also take advice from the elders or friends working in that particular field.

Also find that if the job you are choosing is productive and supported after retirement.

In the end, you get a shortlisted list from various options.

2. Contemplate your Listing

After getting answers to your questions, it’s time to explore which job suits you.

You must be having multiple career options on your list which might be confusing.

Now take a blank page and note down those which hit your mind at first-time. Also, include that option about which you know a little and further needs to explore.

Stop awhile and think, is there any company in which you want to work, or a particular company is more appealing? Any title which you want to achieve or get fascinated toward a specific job.

Add in your list & explore them first.

It is the most important part as now you have to narrow down your list to 10-12 options. With reference to your list, now start exploring each and every job options.

Know job descriptions, training, license, and education requirements.

Use Government-produced labor – market – information to get information about the company, employees, earnings, and job outlook.

Now this will help you to discard the unwanted options and narrow down your list.

On the basis of the information, now eliminate those job options which you do not like to pursue further or you’re not eligible.

After all this, you will be left with 4-5 options on your list.

3. Jump into the Ocean of Satisfaction

You have a lot of time to decide on your occupation. Keep everything aside. Forget all your stress and everything and close your eyes.

Imagine yourself after a few years, what kind of life you want to spend.

Think of the jobs you have chosen and will it give you personal satisfaction. Because satisfaction is mandatory.

If you are not satisfied with what you do, shows you are not happy with it. Sometimes may lead to depression as well.

Think before you decide your occupation. It is the most important decision in a person’s life and once in a lifetime, they have to be in this phase of life.

You might be thinking that how to narrow down your list further that suits you best and also proves to be most promising?

So, here is the solution, go with the concept which says – smallest change you need to make to discover your dream job.

It means, now you have to do the in-depth research of the left options.

Before indulging in the selected career, do some short courses or internships related to your selected career option. You can nurture your skills from Udemy.

4. Look Into the Capital Potential

As everyone knows, they are working to earn money and achieve their goals.

Some have a goal to become financially independent, some to support their family, some to become richer, etc.

Depending upon the expectations you are having from a particular job, decide the income you want to earn. Decide what your expectations are in terms of pay.

If you are single now, perhaps you plan to have a family later.

Or maybe you’re part of a successful two-income family and need to decide whether you’re comfortable living on less money or compromising on other career aspects, such as work-life balance, to earn a better income.

If money is the reward you seek, there are many career options to consider.

In the end, your list is more shortened, and now few options would have been left with you.

5. Set-Up Your GOAL

Without goals, an occupation is worth nothing. The Next thing is goal setting. Set midterm goals and long term goals.

Mid-term goals are the goals that can be achieved in a short span of time while long term goals are the goals that can be achieved after a long period of time.

However, setting goals shows your future planning. Choose it wisely.

For example, short terms goals can be like scoring in any entrance exam to get admission in a college of your choice and so on.

Think of the occupation from which you can achieve your goals. And therefore the list becomes shorter than you create in the beginning.

It can be anything, such as traveling overseas, buying a car, becoming rich, social work, working for the nation, etc.

6. Strategic Resources & Planning Advice

Now everything is set up, you have completed self-assessment, identified your goals, and you are all set.

But wait a minute, have you decided on a successful journey you want to travel? You already know your target.

What about resources and planning? It is also important. If you don’t have resources and proper planning many difficulties will arise later on.

You should be always prepared for a backup plan with you. No one knows what happened now and then.

Therefore keep a backup plan ready in case anything happens that has not been planned.

For example, you decided to take admission to a particular college but you failed to achieve. You have to find an alternative.

There is tough competition in this world. The resolution doesn’t only include financially, it includes time, facilities, and support for your family in the case.

7. Career Action Plan

A Career Action Plan means writing all the short term goals and long term goals in a single document.

Create it as a road map like a destination from 1 to 2, etc you want to travel, including all the things you have planned, and your execution in it.

Read it once again and if you think changes need to be made, plan accordingly.

Attach it on a wall because it will remind you of your dreams you are working for.

Have a fresh start in life and try to execute the plan from the day you decided.

That’s it,

Following these seven steps will definitely help you to choose a lucrative career.

There will be many ups and downs in your life, rise, and fight for it.

There are thousands of occupations available and it’s on you, what you like to do.

With time everything changes if you think at a time you are going the wrong way and change your career plan.

Just believe in yourself and your decision…

Many people fear competition and challenges but they don’t know challenges make you stronger in life.

The seven steps are the basic steps in Career planning. After seven steps you definitely get at least one or two options left with you.

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