Career In Virtual Assistant | Jobs, Salary & Skills for Virtual Assistant

A career in Virtual Assistant is the most booming way to earn a lucrative amount within your premises. A perfect profession to be your own boss.

What is Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant is also known as virtual professionals as they provide various services to entrepreneurs or businesses from a remote location.

career in Virtual assistant

Service Provided By Virtual Assistant

  • Social media management
  • Preparing report
  • Simple digital marketing tasks
  • Personal tasks like booking hotels and restaurants
  • Managing calendars, appointments, and emails

Skills Required To Be A Virtual Assistant

As the virtual assistant involve in interacting with customers, employees, vendors through online and telephone.

  • They should have very good communication skills
  • They should have good superior organizational skills
  • They should be involved in multitasking
  • They must have experience with spreadsheets and word processing software
  • They should have excellent time management skills
  • They should keep them updating with current technologies, like desktop sharing and cloud services, etc.

What exactly does a virtual assistant do?

Administrative Work

  • By answering phone calls
  • Basic data entry
  • By booking travel arrangements
  • By organizing your to-do list and calendar daily.

Personal Tasks

  • By purchasing gifts, books, hardware, stationery, and even clothes
  • Taking responsibility for weekend trips and vacations by travel arrangements.

Content Creation

  • By researching the topic
  • Writing unique content by using SEO and keywords tools
  • Writing as many blogs in a creative manner.

Managing Finances

  • Managing finances is the important part for the growth of the company.

Social Media Management

  • By engaging with your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • By scheduling the posts
  • By analyzing statistics and reports.


  • By Researching the products and improving quality.
  • By keep tracking of competitor products and services
  • By screening applications
  • By analyzing consumer trends
  • By focusing on companies graphs and their growth
  • Improving the work and skills for further growth.

Customer Services

  • Digital marketing
  • Sales
  • Product delivery
  • Very good communication with customers
  • Taking Customer’s feedback.

Email Management

  • By answering job inquiries
  • By filtering the inbox
  • Taking part in email marketing.

Salary of Virtual Assistant

The salary of Virtual assistant varies from year to year as they gain the experience and the skills they have.

  • Median annual salary: $38,880
  • Top 10% annual salary: More than $64,230
  • Bottom 10%annual salary: Less than $24,690.

The average virtual assistant salary ranges from $400 to $5600.

Salary Of Virtual Assistant In Worldwide

  • Australia – $5,600
  • Usa – $4,000
  • Uk – $3,360
  • Romania – $2,240
  • Pakistan – $800
  • Mexico – $960
  • India – $1,120
  • Thailand – $640
  • Philippines – $400

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Virtual Assistant?

Lower Operation Cost

By hiring a virtual assistant they can save money from paying taxes.

However, this may not be a pro for the virtual assistant who wouldn’t get the benefits of their office-based counterpart.

Some companies are generous enough to still provide even if they are not mandated by labor laws.

Increased productivity

Research shows that remote workers are more productive because they have better control of their time and spend less time traveling to the office.

Moreover, a study from a tiny pulse found that 91% of remote workers feel that they are more productive at home.

Qualification Requirement

It’s not necessary to have a 4-year degree to become a virtual assistant but it will be an advantage to you in hiring you.

The only thing that matters is your way of communication and diligence towards work.


There are many institutes and online training courses, which are available through a company or from an educator that will help you to become a virtual assistant.

Where to Hire Virtual Assistant?

Having Virtual team members is a great edge for the company as they maintain daily reports and manage your travel management.

You can hire virtual assistant from many places like:


In Upwork, there is a thorough screening for each freelancer at Upwork.

They filter the freelancer and the Upwork offers more pay based on the skills and experience you have based on your dedication they may increase or decrease the pay.

By 2020, there will be more than 40% of American workers will be independent contractors and working as freelancers.


FreelanceMyWay is a very good option to find well talented and qualified candidates for administrative work and content writer.

In FreelanceMyWay, there is a continually screening of the candidates. That is very helpful to find out the extraordinary virtual assistant. is the leading organization and most firms first choose to hire a freelancer.

The main reason is that all the cream aspirants are confined under one roof. You just have to pick them up and start with your work.

How To Become A Virtual Assistant?

The people who want flexibility in their lives, the Virtual Assistant is a great option.

Skyrocket your performance by focusing on the following steps:

  • Identify your field
  • Look for prospects in that field
  • Offer a trial period
  • Pitch to potential clients regularly
  • Build your social media platform.

There are organizations like the International Virtual Assistant association to safeguard and fight for your rights.

Determine What You Are Offering

Dive into your skills and find out the best to outsource to the recruiter. It is very important to define your skills which you feel Comfortable.

Create an alluring resume that explains all your skills and fulfills the company’s expectations. You can take the help of professionals to help you with this wizard.

Choose Your Business Structure

You should be clear in determining the structure of your work i.e. you are available for part time or a full time engagement with the agency.

You have to admit to work with basic administrative works like content writing and phone calls etc.

Choose Your Pay

Virtual Assistants are considered to be their own boss in this field.

As they have the freedom to decide their salary and their working hours but they have to prove themselves within that time.

Build Up Your Network

To be a leader in this field you should acquire a good knowledge of network marketing as it will add up to your performance and definitely to your payment.

Efficient Ways To Use Virtual Assistant

The working of virtual assistants can decide the company’s destiny. They are the one who paves the path for the smooth running of administrative work.

Managing Email

Dealing with emails requires a large amount of time and focus. Virtual assistants can handle most emails for the company and reciprocate accordingly to the superiors.


One of the great benefits of having a CRM system is that the company can utilize it to manage their sales and keep up with their competitors.

Audio Transcription

Under this responsibility, a virtual assistant has to translate the audio into the required readable script.

The main perks required by the virtual assistants are in the fields of knowing different languages and have high typing speed (about 40 to 45 words per minute).

Social Media

Social media can be terribly time-consuming, as well as a big distraction.

Let your virtual assistant update it regularly for you and set up profiles for your business.

Advanced Skills For Virtual Assistant

  • Learn necessary administrative skills
  • Discover your skills and pick a niche
  • Market yourself
  • Build a vital working relationship with clients
  • Build a portfolio
  • Wrap up a legal  agreement
  • Invest your time and efforts
  • Create an online presence.

Day To Day Work Of Virtual Assistant Include

Determine Client Needs: Manage a complete spreadsheet defining the task and goals for that particular day and speculate a blueprint for its completion.

Knowledge Transfer: Daily and weekly reports of the accomplished tasks should be reported to the dealing agency to audit the performance.

Stalking: This is the most promising task that every company wants to be handled by professionals. In this, virtual assistants have to keep a check on their competitors and make improvements accordingly. Generally, an agency pays a handsome amount for this task.

Advantages Of Virtual Assistant

Mobile Working

The main ease for the virtual assistant is that they can work inside their premises or at their comfortable location.

The only need for them is a high speed internet and a computer and they are all set for an office.

There is a win-win situation for both company and the assistant as the company doesn’t have to pay any heed in providing the workplace and the assistant can work accordingly.

Controlled Working Time

Every person’s most productive time is different, as well as their preference when to work varies.

Virtual assistants can offer a lot of services an in-house secretary would traditionally handle, data entry, transcription, travel arrangements, and more.

They usually work at home and the infant may never meet their clients in person.

Expert’s Analysis On Virtual Assistant

From recent years of analysis, experts had made a conclusion that the demand for the virtual task and virtual assistant is increasing and will become lucrative of all in the recent upcoming years.

This revolution has already impacted the US as it has reported an increase of 79.7% of virtual jobs than working in the office.

This job is a blessing for the youth as they can cope up with both study and work, and explore the digital attributes at the same time.