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Digital Marketing Strategy is one of the most integral components of this school of marketing.

Even if you are a very good brand, your business will still collapse if it fails to reach out to people.

Only providing the finest products and services to your consumers is not enough for a good relationship with consumers.

It is marketing that is needed to keep a business going.

Digital Marketing Strategy

“Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.”

– Ian Schafer

Whether we talk about world-renowned businessmen of today or tell stories of the great traders of the ancient times, the one thing that made them so renowned or great was precisely how they managed to create a framework…

A framework that they formulated as to Collect, Promote, Convince, and then Sell.

In other words these people knew how to strategize like pros!

Today, everyone is always searching for everything on the internet.

Before making a purchase, people are always browsing through the net to learn about the best options available.

Going through reviews, pain points, and looking for solutions are what every consumer definitely does before spending their money.

The ultimate buying decision is only taken after opening several links, consulting family and friends, and doing tiresome research.

A ‘strategy’ is the superstructure that creates the foundation for the success of any action. The same goes for one of the most eminent forms of trade today “Digital Marketing”.

Before going to the main topic, lets discuss about what is digital marketing???

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing in plain simple words means advertising on the internet with the help of digital tools.

It means promoting your products and services with ease and to a wider reach of people online.

The strategy involved in digital marketing is a plan to achieve certain marketing goals.

The goals of digital marketing revolve around developing mutually beneficial relationships with prospects, leads, and customers.

Digital marketing campaigns are developed and executed to promote a business or drive more traffic to a website.

These plans are carried out through selected online marketing channels such as social media or web advertisements.

To ensure your marketing is in the right place and is appealing to the right audience, a flawless digital marketing strategy is required.

Planning is a necessity that cannot be disregarded by a marketer. Making the right offer at the right time in the right place is what marketing is all about.

How to Plan a Perfect Strategy?

Every business has a marketing strategy unique to it. No two businesses can have the same strategies that work successfully for both.

This is defined by the business’s objectives and customer base, which is different for every brand, company, or business.

A digital marketing strategy must include the previous performance of the business so as to develop its goals and points to improve upon.

It also requires you to determine the precise target audience and only appeal to it.

Regulation of the competitors and acting accordingly forms a necessary factor too.

There are various tactics involved in creating a digital marketing strategy. These all have to be planned in a way that they come together for the profit of your business.

Attracting prospects, generating leads, and making offers that your audience will appreciate are some of the positive outcomes of the right marketing strategy.

The digital marketing strategy must be reviewed at all stages and the success of each action must be checked upon.

The tactics and overall plan must have a positive outcome.

The evolution of the marketing strategy must always be kept in mind.

The market is ever-changing and to cope up with the changing digital landscape, a change in the plan becomes necessary.

If this is not done accordingly, the business might find it impossible to adapt to the market and get lost amidst competition.

Important Assets & Terms for Digital Marketing

The basic digital marketing assets include a website or a blog and a Facebook page. Google Analytics and Google webmasters are two must-have tools.

Other optional assets are Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

When professionals specializing in different fields come together, they form a fully dedicated team of digital marketing strategy.

These professionals include strategists, senior consultants, consultants, content strategists, copywriters, SEO experts, graphic designers, web developers, photographers, videographers, and social media experts.

8 Major Ways of Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Blogging

Ways to Generate Leads for Digital Marketing

  • Webinar Production
  • Video Production
  • Landing Page Strategy
  • Call-to-Action Strategy
  • Website Design A-B Testing
  • Lead Magnets
  • Link Building
  • Infographic Design
  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead Nurture Strategy
  • Public Relations (PR)

Personal Branding

To make yourself a personal brand, a website or blog is a necessity. It must contain relevant important information.

A LinkedIn profile comes across as a striking professional stand, which further enables us to generate leads and reach more people.

You must be active on at least one social media platform to influence people and create an audience.

Once you have established a good relationship with your audience, you can start getting them to trust you.

You can review tools, services, or products you use and help them. You can start sharing your experiences with your audience and keep bonding with them further.

When you become a personal brand, the scope of your business will heighten and help you reach big.

Marketing on social media must not drain your time, you just have to create a social cycle.

As a social media marketer, you must have great listening, networking, selling, and influencing skills.

You will learn this tactic efficiently with practice.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!!

Figure Out Long-Term & Short-Term Goals

There are different goals of business for working out a marketing strategy. Some of these are short-term while others are long-term.

Short termed ones are generally action-based. These can be paid campaigns, email / SMS blast, lead generation campaigns, or webinars.

These are taken up to introduce new people to your business and expecting new lead generations.

Long-termed ones are usually carried out to build visibility.

These are done to advertise your company as an ever-lasting brand.

SEO, content marketing, timely promotion on social media, and providing downloadable leads are some ways of building visibility.

Ultimate Digital Marketing Strategy

Just like how to create any dish, you have to first figure out the ingredients, to create any strategy for a business you first figure out the “tools” that you require …..


In terms of digital marketing, the keyword is “Digital “.

So what runs it are :

  • Social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.
  • Technical systems to gather and analyze traffic such as Search Engine Optimisation { SEO }, Google Analytics or Pay Per Click advertising [ PPC ]
  • Digital trend informers like Google Trends

All the tools and systems that dominate the digital media need to be analyzed and understood to lead a successful marketing mechanism in this arena.


The ultimate success or failure of any marketer depends on how they managed to convince the customer.

But what is more integral for any seller to understand is to avoid the most fatal mistake when they hit the road ….. ie. trying to convince the “wrong“ customer.

It is quite obvious that you need to convince the person who needs your product but before setting out to convince them we need to figure out if the person is even interested in the product or not.

This in marketing terms is known as figuring out the “Customer Persona” or rigidifying the “Target Audience”.


Another precondition to the success of a digital marketing strategy is “connecting“ with the audience.

This connection to be found could be on the grounds of tapping through their emotions.

Take for example the Strategy of OLX,

“In order to create a brand image and acquire an honest online appearance, OLX came with a thought of using Independence Day for their aid.

A campaign that allowed people to share their memories of partition or its belongings was launched.

This not only attracted the users but also helped the brand connect with the consumers allowing them with clearly more sales.”

Similarly, if we talk about Paperboat,

“The company managed to urge a web appearance by choosing to suggest people share their childhood memories, as the brand itself deals with manufacturing of drinks which are common household drinks.

The idea to float a paper boat and share it on social media was brought into advent.

This surely made the name famous with the audience providing them with an additional customer base to focus on.”

Connecting with the people and trying to link with them emotionally is one of the biggest reasons behind the success of any digital marketing campaign.


Hey ! Why focus on others?

Isn’t the core value of any success story a rigid focus on yourself … Isn’t Comparing yourself to others just another form of distraction?

If you’re a person, yes.
If you’re a business, no.

According to Chief Outsiders, Data Intelligent Organizations Are:

  • 23x More likely to acquire customers
  • 6x More likely to retain customers
  • 9x More likely to be profitable

As a business or marketer, comparing yourself to others should be one of the most “integral“ parts of your strategy.

In this arena of transactions, the ultimate aim is consumer satisfaction and for that, you need to look around.

Comparing is not just helpful to let you figure out your customer, but also how you can improve your customer service.


Keep Up With Trend

“Is that what’s going around right now?”

I remember asking my friend as she flaunted her new oversized high-waist jeans at the starting of the year …

“Yeah it’s going to be all around the university trust me.”

And how right that fashionista was !!

With the rise of K-fashion all around, the jeans didn’t just make it around my university but all over the web.

From ideas to services, from fashion to food, what really sells around is what is buzzing around … or as in the Gen-Z Lingo, you call it: is being “hyped”.

To keep up with the trends and figuring out every now and then about the changing wants of the people, is what keeps a strategy afloat on the pool of your marketing agendas.


Now what strategy is to a dish, the campaign is to an ingredient.

All strategies are composed of campaigns.

Campaigns are the short term goals that simultaneously integrate to create the very process of marketing.

Creative and out of the box campaigns not only promise a good communication network in the market but also the continuous acquisition of customers.

digital marketing campaign

Now, these components are just the very few pillars of a fair Digital Marketing Strategy but the point is that to count the actual number of pillars to it is also quite impossible.

This is because ideas and formulations are unlimited.

They don’t seem to have a starting point and neither an ending point which not only provides us with the flexibility to create but to also grasp new opportunities.

Today Digital marketing is this one big arena that is still expanding every day.

With our connections online we aren’t only globalizing but strengthening these new connections that a few decades ago seemed impossible in the first place.

According to Statista: “E-Commerce Sales Are Predicted to Hit $6.5 Trillion by 2023.”

That number alone puts forward the message of how much room there is for the furthering scope of digital marketing.

And undeniably that the digital world is run by the strategies and the strategists – who create the foreground for furthering and expanding this arena all through the world!!


The key factor required to develop a marketing strategy is to connect with consumers in a multitude of ways.

It is making a presence where the audience is already hanging out and connecting with other marketers.

To maintain an ongoing relationship with your audience, you must always keep them updated with industry news with your content.

You must figure out the problems they are facing and provide solutions for them.

Social media can be used to connect with them as friends and followers and influence them.

To make your offers, reach out to them, you can pay to advertise yourself on various platforms.

Having an audience that responds and engages with you is a brilliant asset to have in a business.


Benefits Of Digital Marketing
  • When your consumers trust you and follow you, they will buy your products and services more, and more often.
  • You will be aware and easily create engagement both before and after the sale.
  • You will be presenting your offers to the right people at the right time.

Words from Expert’s Diary

The goal of social marketing is to engage followers on different channels and keep them updated with your offers.

Paid advertising and email marketing can be used to keep a check on them and respond to their problems with a solution.

Engaging with them on a personal digital level will brand you so much that they will feel they are quite close to you.

This will create a sense of familiarity between you and our followers.

The main aim of digital marketing is to immerse your audience completely in your brand.

This will prevent them from looking elsewhere and hence your audience will stick to you for a lifetime.

A digital marketing strategy is thus a planned course that is acquired in order to heighten popularity and keep a business growing.

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