6 Most Profitable Startup and eCommerce Niches to Try Out in 2021

Profitable Startup and eCommerce Niche

2021 is promising to be a great year to start an online business. More transactions have been done in the past year online than ever before, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

It’s the perfect time to start that online business you’ve been wanting to try out, even if it’s just something you’d like to start as a side hustle at first. 

If you don’t have a specific business in mind but you know you want to get into the world of eCommerce, you might be wondering what some good niches are to try out.

Well, here’s a list of six exciting niches you can consider when you’re starting an online business. 

Vintage Clothing Sales

Move over thrift shops; the vintage clothing market in 2020 was valued at over $28 billion USD worldwide. Vintage clothing is simply re-selling used clothing, and it’s poised to become even more lucrative in the coming years. 

One effective technique is to niche down even further and find a good theme for your shop, like price-points for different clothing, or different styles of dress (casual, for instance). You can check out thrift shops, yard sales, or flea markets to build your inventory. 

Online Grocery Business

Another cool niche that’s in the process of a major industry overhaul is the online grocery business. A space that’s been dominated by the likes of Walmart has some openings for entrepreneurs who want to source affordable and healthy food for people stuck at home or unwilling to go out shopping. 

Online Printing Business

People still need paper products printed in bulk, and starting an online printing business is another good niche for 2021.

In addition to offering printing services, you can offer custom design services as well. When you’re just starting out, take advantage of free design tools like Businesscards.co, where you can design professional business cards for any customer, in any industry. 


More of a business model than a niche, dropshipping is a way to sell products without ever having to deal with shipping, inventory, or other hassles related to handling the actual product.

Your webstore acts as a middle man, linking customers up with manufacturers, who ship the product straight to consumer. 

There are tons of interesting niches in dropshipping, from health and beauty to clothing to electronics.

You can start a dropshipping company with very little capital, so it’s something to think about if you want to start your own online business in 2021.

Toys and Games

You might think this market is tough to get into, but people nowadays want to patronize local or small companies.

If you have a local toy manufacturer or small business, you can work out a deal to sell their products on a webstore, after buying them at wholesale prices.

Check out Amazon to see what products are hot, and open your very own eCommerce toy store! This is another niche where dropshipping would work really well. 

Meal Planning Service

People often don’t have the time to cook for themselves, but they don’t want to get unhealthy and expensive food from a restaurant, either.

Cash in on the healthy eating trends this year by starting a web-based meal planning service.

You could offer different tiers and deliver the prepared meals to people, or send them ingredients so they can cook themselves.

Many people love the idea of cooking gourmet food at home but don’t have the time or inclination to plan out meals and go to the store. Your business can save them that time and hassle. 

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